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Here are a few tips from our in-house BHB hair stylists to help ensure that your new human hair wig or topper stays as luscious and beautiful for as long as possible. At The BHB we only use the highest quality real hair, so please follow our care instructions to get the best out of your new piece. 

Use salon quality products only.

It is very important to only use salon quality products recommended by one of our team or your hairdresser on our BHB pieces as this will ensure your new wig or topper stays hydrated, healthy and looking its best! Products are available to purchase in store and online.

We recommend purchasing our "Everything you need - BHB hair care pack" - BUY NOW

Keep me clean.

Between washes, wipe down the inside of your hair piece cap with a baby wipe to remove any excess oil build up coming from your scalp. For those who are using their piece daily, we strongly recommend you washing your piece every 1-2 weeks and for more intermediate use, wash every 2-3 weeks.Follow us on Instagram to see our hair care videos where our BHB hairstylists show you how to wash your wig or topper and provide the latest hair care tips.

Wash me like a professional.

Using your new BHB soft bristle brush, take all the knots out first. Starting with the nape and ends and then gently working out any knots.- Rinse the roots & ends in warm water.(This can be done under running water in a sink or shower)- Use only SALON QUALITY hydrating products including Shampoo and Conditioner.

NB: Please do not use anything from the supermarket or chemist as it must be recommended by a hairdresser or a BHB team member. Shampoo the hair twice (using your salon quality hydrating shampoo). We recommend and use in our salon the V&M Hydrating Shampoo - BUY NOW.

Following the double shampoo, wash with salon quality conditioner or a treatment mask. Focusing on the ends and working your way up to the top of the piece. We recommend and use in our salon the Wella Fusion Intense Repair Treatment Mask (we use this as conditioner) - BUY NOW

Gently towel dry... gently! If you have time to let the piece dry naturally after a towel dry this would be best. However if you need to blow dry for a quick result then blast dry at a 20cm distance. 

Styling me at home like a professional.

If you are unable to take advantage of our in store salon services, then make sure you are using the correct tools and heat protection products.

We recommend the Evo - Icon Welder heat protectant - BUY NOW

Our pieces are made from 100% Virgin European hair and premium pre-coloured Remy human hair so stay clear of any tools that are too heavy on the heat, as we would hate for you to damage the hair. Make sure you wash the hair first so it is hydrated prior to adding heat.

Storage... to keep your new wig or topper safe.

To ensure the longevity of your piece, we need to make sure your hair is safely stored for protection, after all doesn’t everyone want to live a little longer? Each client is provided with a beautiful BHB satin lined box to store your new wig or topper when it isn’t being used. If you purchase a full wig from us, you will also receive a pop up wig stand which you can also travel with. Place your wig on the stand of an evening or when you are not wearing it, to help keep the style and shape in tact.

Show it a little extra love when needed!

The sun is strong so it can lighten and dry out the hair over a period of time so your piece may need some extra hydration! If you need us to give your piece a wash and deluxe treatment wig make over for a beautiful refresh we would love to help bring your hair back to life. At the BHB we offer a full range of Salon Services - BOOK NOW

Whoops... If your wig or topper needs a repair.

If the piece tears or is damaged it should be looked at by a professional repairer right away to determine the scope of the repair and the urgency to make sure no further damage will be caused to the piece. It can be tempting to scratch the piece if you feel an itch however we advise using your fingers to tap at the irritated area, this will avoid repeated friction to the area, potentiality causing damage. If you can, it would be best to remove the piece to avoid scratching through the cap.


Sleeping in the hair can cause damage to the delicate hairs, we advise against doing this if it is possible for you. If you choose to sleep in your piece (which is ok too!) that is a very personal choice and you just need to be mindful it may not last as long.

For our latest hair care tips and videos on how to wash your wig or topper created by our team of master hair stylists...


Most of all, enjoy your gorgeous new hair!

Sarah and Team BHB xo

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