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At The Beautiful Hair Boutique we offer a full range of hair dressing services for your wig or topper purchased from us, it is just like taking a visit to your regular hairdresser, only with the personalised BHB touch.

We understand that hair loss for women is sensitive, and our team of advanced stylists have been extensively trained in working with wigs, hair toppers and also working with women who have been suffering from partial to complete hair loss.

For some women the salon experience is a distant memory, and we are here to change this at The BHB with our full range of hair dressing services. Whether you are looking to have your beautiful new human hair wig cut and styled, colour added to your hairpiece or you would love your hair to have a wash and blow dry for a special event, all of these services are now available at The Beautiful Hair Boutique, right within the Sydney flagship salon.

Topper/ Wig Cut in + Styling - INITIAL
As part of your beautiful new purchase, you will receive ONE complimentary cut in + styling within 21 days of your wig or topper purchase from The BHB Boutiques.

Micro/Mini Topper Blow Dry - $75
Topper Blow Dry  - $95
Bio Hair + Topper Blow Dry - $150
Topper Cut + Blowdry - $150
Topper Roots + Blowdry - $250
Micro/Mini Topper Colour - $185*
Topper Full Colour - $300
Topper Balayage - from $295

Wig Wash, Treatment and Style Blowdry - Short (18" and under) - $125

Wig Wash, Treatment and Style Blowdry - Long (20" and above) - $145

Wig Cut + Blowdry - $175
Wig Full Colour + Blowdry - $395
Wig Balayage + Blowdry   - from $495 POA
Virgin Wig Custom Colour + Blowdry - from $495 POA

Perm - $295

Tint Regrowth - from $195
Tint Regrowth + Semi - from $265
Semi + Blow Dry - from $275
Colour Correction - Varies*
Wedding Hair / Upstyling - $145
Clients Own Hair Blow Dry - $95
Wig Adjustment - Size Smaller - $150
Wig Adjustment - Add Silicone - $150
Micro-linking Fusions hair toppers/crown extensions - Topper removal, wash + re-linked - $195

NON BHB Pieces

Unfortunately we are no longer offering the services on pieces not purchased from The BHB in our Sydney Boutique and our Gold Coast Boutique is on special request only.

Full Wig or Hair Topper Cut In and Style - $375
Colour - Varies* (from $495)

Due to the safety of our clients + staff along with the desire to main the highest integrity of the hair, any cut-in services provided (excluding initial) will include a wash + blowdry.