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The Beautiful Hair Boutique (affectionately known as The BHB) was born in 2016.

After a loosing her hair at the ages of 9, 14  and again at 28, Sarah Christian has experienced the emotional and personal journey of hair loss for over 30 years.
Experiencing first strand* the distressing nature of hair loss, the feelings of loss and questioning ones personal identity, asking questions with no answers, wondering if a wig will be noticeable or fall off - The search for a natural, beautiful and comfortable solution began.
Her mission was simple - to provide provide women (and kids) with only the very best human hair, through a range of luxury wig and hair topper solutions. They needed to be soft, natural, luxurious and stylish. This just wasn't something available in Australia at the time. Travelling overseas to meet with makers and ensuring only the highest quality pieces, Sarah has continued to turn this vision into a reality.
We have created a warm and welcoming space - where we take the time during a consultation to get to know you and what you're looking for. Its through the personalisation of each piece and the time to understand and support, that we have been able to make thousands of women feel confident, happy and beautiful. 
Carrying both a range of Luxury Virgin European and Premium Remy pieces - The BHB is able to provide the perfect piece for you and your needs.
Whether you have lost your hair as a result of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, Alopecia, stress related, medical related or who knows! - The Beautiful Hair Boutique offers not just a product, but a supportive environment.
(both instore + online) 
Our team of friendly and knowledgeable hairloss experts are with you throughout this journey, whether that be a hair salon where you don't feel uncomfortable, a wig or topper that you don't question if it looks natural, or just a friendly voice on the phone - we love what we do. 
If you would like to know more please feel free to reach out to us via or check out our media section.

All our love!



A note from Sarah..

If there’s anyone who knows the positive impact the right hairpiece can make, it’s me. Having suffered Alopecia for over 30 years, I’ve ridden the emotional rollercoaster of what it feels like first hand to suffer hair loss. Since this, my quest to find the perfect hairpiece has been a difficult one, especially in Australia.

 With limited wig and hair topper options available in the local market, to the quality I wanted to see and feel, I just knew I needed to do something about this! Not only did I need incredible hair to wear myself, I also knew other women and kids needed access to beautiful and natural looking hair loss solutions just like me.

 In 2016 The Beautiful Hair Boutique was born and my mission was to provide women (and kids) with only the very best human hair, through a range of luxury wig and hair topper solutions, which are incredibly soft, natural, luxurious and stylish. 

 At The Beautiful Hair Boutique we understand first hand that finding the right hairpiece isn’t merely just about replacing your hair, but offering a means to rebuild confidence, strength and identity for women, kids (and men) who are suffering from a range of conditions.  

 I work alongside the world's top hair manufacturers to help achieve my vision of making every woman feel beautiful by ensuring you have access to the world's very best human hair. 

My vision when I started The Beautiful Hair Boutique was to create a warm and welcoming environment for women to purchase the world’s highest quality human hair wigs and crown toppers, at a more affordable price.

 Our #1 priority is to restore confidence in women who have suffered and continue to suffer from various medical conditions and as a result have lost their hair. Specialising in wigs for women with cancer and alopecia.

I am now very fortunate to have an incredible team of hair loss experts working with me at The Beautiful Hair Boutique. My incredible team includes master hair stylists with over 20 years of experience, working with wigs and hair pieces. It doesn’t get better than that!

 With thousands of happy wig wearers nationwide, we are experts in fitting wigs for women undergoing chemotherapy, may suffer from various forms of alopecia, or have lost their hair for other various medical reasons.

The best bit is, we just love what we do!

 Hair loss can be a very emotional and stressful period in your life and there will be many questions you need answered. So we take the time to meet with you, individually, to find the very best hair solution for you!

Sarah xx